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Sharp Shears & Training

Sharp shears cut the hair effortlessly resulting in less hand fatigue and therefore a better haircut. What's worst then cutting hair when you have to "work" the shears to get them to cut. Haircutting should be your number one service. It should be your signature. All other services rely on the foundation of a great cut. If you are a full time (30 hours or more a week) hair Stylist, you should have your shears checked at least every six months.

I started my professional hair industry shear sharpening training in San Diego California in January 2007 It was a three day hands on training camp conducted by the owner of Sharp Line shear from Australia. Next I received training from Bonika shear Co. out of Georgia in Baltimore MD. My third training was with Wolff Industries in South Carolina. I earned a certification in convex sharpening from Shark Fin Shear CO. in May of 2009. This means i do not void the manufacture's warranty. I specialize in convex edges. I have convex sharpened all makes and models correctly. Including but not limited to: Kenchii, Hikari, Shark Fin, Joewell, Bonika, Kamisori, cricket, Lucky Hare, Centrix, Jaguars, Butter Cut, Tara, Fan Out, Wolff.

Hira -To

Japanese flat hone system

I know that scissors are the most important tools of professional hairstylists and barbers, and Your reputation depends on how well they perform. The reputation of Shear AdvantEdge depends on your satisfaction with my service. The Hira-To® is not just a flat hone, it's a sharpening system! It's equipped with the same state of art, patented fixture as the Rapid Edge® Sharpening System whom holds licenses and patents on it. This fixture has been proven time and time again in sharpening competitions across the country! It mimics factory sharpening perfectly and guarantees a consistent, quality edge every time! The HIRA-TO® Flat Hone Sharpening System gently removes nicks and wear without grinding or damaging your scissor blades and restores the scissor to its original factory condition. Using this equipment for the back side of the blade assures an even convex (curved) side to within one degree from the tip to the pivot area, duplicating the manufactures intent. Using aluminum oxide film on a cushiony disc massages the shear sharp and removes a bare minimum of material.( not sandpaper as some competitors would have you believe) Hand hone the inside blade Why hone the inside line of beauty shears ? • Removes burrs • Strengthens cutting edge • Silky smooth feel • Makes shears quiet This honing process removes the burr from the blades and creates a lined inside edge which strengthens the cutting edge. This process of hand honing makes the shears silky smooth and quiet.